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It is a great way to start couponing the simple easy way. Now, there is no right or wrong way to organize your coupons, you just need to find the right way that works for you. I set up my binder in that fashion.

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Things you will need: A nice big sturdy binder. There are also lots of great options out there for cute binders like the coupon clutch or the stylin binder. Insertable Tab Dividers Mine currently use about 25 dividers. I found a nice wide variety of different plastic sleeved pages and have tried them out. Here are my 3 favorites but just know you can just by Trading Card Pages for your whole book, you will just be folding a lot of the bigger ones.

The 6 page protectors: These are great for internet printables, really long coupons, ect. There is the traditional 9-pocket trading card pages. These are great, but most of the coupons I used in there needed to be folded.. You can buy them at Amazon. And there is the 4-pocket trading card pages. This one I didnt order, but looks like it would be great to have in a binder, the bigger sized pockets would work for rainchecks, and square shaped coupons. You can order it here for.

Once you have your supplies you can begin to put your Binder together. What I am doing is using my binder for my non-insert coupons such as blinkies, home mailers, tearpads ect, and then adding any of my other insert favorites or coupons I love. Do what works for you! I have all my club cards and savings cards in a little key ring that I can take out when I go couponing. There is the zippered pouch that has scissors, a pen and a calculator in it. Then when you go past the zippered pouch I have all my free coupons right in front.

I had a tendency to wait to use my free coupons, and had let some expire which totally kills me by the way. So now I wont forget to use them. The next section is tabbed with store name categories. Here are the Categories I use for my non-inserts. If you are wanting to make a book for ALL your coupons you might need a few more categories than I have.

For example under Dairy you might want Cheese, Yogurt, Milk categories, ect. As a busy mom I upkeep the coupons by going through the binder once per month, taking out all the expired ones. If I am waiting at the dr. Have fun and above all else remember, that there is no right or wrong way to organize your coupons. Just do what works best for you! How do you organize your coupons? Have a cool tip? Please share. I would totally love to have one of you do a guest post on the way you do it too…email me if you are interested! I currently use a little accordion organizer that fits in my purse.

I love that and looks easier to use than standing in the grocery sifting through all the coupons. Does it easily fit in your purse? Hi — I used my binder I bought from Saveathomemommy. Until I outgrew it! I keep it in a big tote with the open side up. I get some grief from friends who see my mammoth binder…but when I tell them how much I save with it, they stop laughing. I have a small coupon file that I have been using, and I have been wondering how to take it to the next level!!

Thanks a bunch!! I saw that tip on a few other sale blogs and decided to check out my local store—instead of ordering large lots of pages from Amazon and paying shipping. This way I could buy exactly the amount of pages I wanted! I have my coupons organized like your post. So easy to get to when you find a great deal.

I paid 5. Did you speak with a manager about this when you were told that the coupons would not be accepted? In addition to speaking with a manager, I would encourage you to contact Staples Corporate Customer Service. Let me know what you find out. A QR tag printed along with the descriptions, expiration etc but no codes for the register to scan. Did your coupons print the same? Make sure yours is updated. Thank you so much! I found some great sheet protectors that have 4 pockets with flap that keeps anything from falling out.

Organize Coupons In Card Sheet Protectors

I am using them for my rain checks, rebates and receipts. I just wanted to let everyone know that Staples coupon pages only open from one side of the page. I did buy a couple of the coupon pages but it was really flimsy and it says 3 pockets 6 slots which got me confused when I opened it, it was only 3 pockets 3 slots. I returned it. I bought these last weekend — the coupon pages — and used my rewards. I got the trading card pages, so there are 9 slots.

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My husband liked my free purchases. Miz Monie, it has 6 slots…3 front side, 3 back side. U have to double up the coupons and u can get at least 6 in there, more if u have smaller ones and put more than 2 in a slot! They r the best! Anyone else have trouble finding the sheet protector coupon? It takes me to the smart source pagethe coupon is not there. It takes me to the smart source page but the coupon is not there! Seems like a great deal if you could use a coupon too! So I did better than coupons! It was FREE! He used to use it to store resistors for his electronic work, but said he can put them in a tuperware and donate them to me.

I love free stuff.

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