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Far from home and wondering what casinos are nearby? This app will tell you in a flash, along with user reviews of each property. With so many new casinos opening, this app is a timely addition to my toolbox. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Description A guide to all U. Updated graphics and minor bug fixes. Updated graphics and fix minor bug issue. Added Free slot machine games. Download coupons instantly to your iPhone or iPad. Be sure to check back frequently. Users can also search by casino name, city, state or zip code. This FREE app also offers the following benefits: Note this will only work for pages that were previously accessed while online.

That's a long day of single-line quarter video poker. I do it when I have a room at the hotel. That way I can break it up into multiple sessions. If you are an infrequent gambler or visitor to that casino, play these. Any winnings are pure profit, however, you'll be tempted to play more and that's the point. I have a couple of these coupons to redeem this month and will redeem some as part of a longer session, and others, I'll simply take the money and run provided I have any credits when the free play is complete.

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Check with the slot club first before playing. I've seen it done where you play first and then redeem the coupon and also the other way where you redeem first, play the required amount, and the credits are then available at your machine. Before I close this session, let me caution you about respecting your bankroll and never risking more than you can afford simply to maximize a coupon offer.

The "never play for comps" rule applies. Play and collect what is owed you, but don't play simply to try to earn a comp, or in this case, redeem or maximize the value of a coupon. It's not worth it and anything can happen in the short run. Remember my Four Queens bonus point example. By now you're probably thinking, "Paul, this stuff is all well and good, but it doesn't mean diddly if I don't have any of these casino coupons for my next Vegas visit.

In this section, let's take a quick look at some places to find casino coupons and start saving you money. The paid membership includes a monthly newsletter full of recommendations, reviews, and gambling related content; access to the online forums on the website; and the coupon book.

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For me, this is a must-have. The membership cost can be recouped by simply using a few of the dining or entertainment coupons. Those two moves alone cover the cost. Plus there are lots more dining, entertainment, and gambling coupons. It has a great collection of coupons similar to those offered in the LVA book. There is a lot of regional casino information and some basic articles about casino games in this book.

I haven't read the articles this decade, but I buy the book every year for the coupons. It's also a good resource for casino information in various markets across the United States. I consider this annual purchase and the LVA membership "business" expenses. Other great resources for Las Vegas coupons are the free tourist publications often found in your hotel room or at the concierge desk.

There are probably others as well. Coupons can sometimes be found in weekly periodicals such as The Sunday. Kiosks with individual coupons for discounts on Las Vegas activities such as food, shopping, and shows can be found at the airport, car rental center, retail outlets, and some casinos often downtown. Direct mail or marketing offers from the casino based on your player's club information and casino fun books are also part of the mix.

Now that you're aware of some common casino coupons, how to use them, and where to find them, let's discuss making a plan to get them into play during your visit. Let's start with one of the infamous "Wilson Rules;" namely, "You have to have a plan, so you can deviate. Some of my early Las Vegas visits involved driving through the desert from Santa Monica to Las Vegas with a long-time college friend behind the wheel. One of our rituals involved coupons. Neither of us had much money, but you didn't lots to have fun in Vegas back then.

We always stopped at the welcome center at the Nevada state line. There were coupon racks everywhere. We split up and grabbed two of everything that might be of use. We dumped them on the floor of the passenger's side and my job was to sort them by category while we discussed the one's we wanted to use we scoured the freebie magazines too , as the final miles clicked off on our way to Sin City. As I recall, we collected a lot of coffee mugs and never went hungry thanks to our coupon collections too.

There is no one size fits all when it comes to getting the most out of your Las Vegas coupons.

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I won't even try, but let me offer a few short considerations that I used when planning my former Las Vegas visits. Time waits for no one. Let's face it; the time you'll spend in Las Vegas in any given visit is limited. That's why the rule above is so important. I used to prepare a literal game plan which included my airline, rental car, and hotel details, including confirmation numbers. I'd then list which casinos I planned to play at and how many sessions at each.

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I included restaurants, shows, and nightclubs I wanted to attend and what day. I also included coupons I planned to use as I executed my playbook. The last section included a "maybe" section of things I might want to do if time permitted or the opportunity presented itself. Despite having a relatively strict plan, I also built in flexibility for new finds and new adventures. This document could not be more than one sheet of paper; printed front and back. This script keep me organized and helped me to stay disciplined in my gambling pursuits.

It also helped me maximize my time and still have some flexibility. I advise that you start simple. You'll need to eat every day.

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Start with your dining coupons and try to use one or two of those each day. Don't constrain your choices just because you have a coupon though. If you plan to play at a certain casino and you have gambling and dining coupons at that property, plan to use them. Las Vegas is big and traffic can be brutal. Figure out how you will move from casino to casino - walking, shuttles, driving, taking Uber or Lyft, perhaps even a cab. Try to group your coupons geographically and build around meals.

No matter what part of Las Vegas you are staying in, Fremont Street and downtown is worth a coupon run. You can walk from casino to casino and there is a plethora of gambling coupons in the sources I mentioned above. There are dining offers too. If you want to see a show while you are in town, there's a Tickets for Tonight outlet at the entrance to the Four Queens and several others throughout town including the Strip. Check out the lineup and grab some discounted vouchers for a show. It's an easy in and out think time management. If you get an early start, you can gamble, eat, and gamble some more and still get back to your hotel to catch an evening show.

One caveat to using coupons that I should caution you about is that if you plan to "hit and run," you should only do it in casinos where you aren't a regular player. This move will kill your player rating. This is where having a players card can hurt you. However, you'll need it to redeem the coupons.

If it's your first visit, or first in a few years, don't sweat it too much. Be sure to ask if there is a sign-up bonus for new club members too. I have core properties that I play at and will roll coupons into my regular play. However, there are properties that I have no relationship with and don't plan to or vice-versa , so I don't mind the "use the coupon and go" play.

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In this month's Paul's Pointers, I explained some common casino coupons such as match plays, bonus points, two-for-one's and more. I explained how they work and shared some of my experiences on how to redeem them. I listed some of my personal go to sources, namely the LVA and ACG, as well, as direct offers from casino marketing at properties I frequent.

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I listed some secondary sources that should be readily available to most Las Vegas visitors as well. In the final section, I provided a few tips on making a plan that will maximize your individual experience.

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  • Coupon values, like comps, are diminishing. Some casino decision makers view coupons as advertising and worth the cost; while others see them only as lost profits. So get out there and use them while you still can. If you are efficient with your time and win your fair share, even the small amount free plays and match plays can add up over the course of a trip.

    The two-for-ones on meals and tickets can potentially provide tremendous savings. Don't be afraid of using coupons. By saving money on non-gambling activities, you're still winning. You're in Las Vegas to have fun, so use the coupons to augment your fun, build your bankroll, and save some money to get a head start on your next trip. Ben Franklin once said, "A penny saved is a penny earned.

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