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Everyday Deals - SE Division Rewards

The place is simply too depressing to visit again. Great items and prices for what they sell. Listen, I know this place is not New Seasons, but I would enjoy at least one ounce of respect from the employees at this store once in a while. The employees seem not to care nor do they understand customer service.

I have been to this store at least 5 times: They have been out of "loyalty cards" for months. In the meanwhile they would stamp my receipt. Today I go in and the "so-called" manager told me she won't stamp my receipt. I asked if the loyalty program went away. I asked when they anticipate getting cards in? She turns her back to me and starts complaining about me to another customer in line. I could not even get a full sentence out of her.

I can go on about the service but will stop here. You all get the point.

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My next step is to call the companies home office. I come to Portland only because I have to once an a while. When I do, I always come here. Great prices and very friendly staff. I saw some of the other bad reviews and, I was like, wtf. I spoke to the owner and was told that a little snowflake had a serious meltdown. The owner showed me the YouTube video and I almost fell over. True meaning of the word snowflake. Anyway, I highly recommend this place for all your needs.

Five stars well deserved!! Place has everything I needed for my camping trip. The stuff is not top notch but it is as advertised. Staff was knowagable and told me where to go. In and out experience Just as I like it. I couldn't love this place more! Whenever I visit my sister in Portland, this is one of our mandatory stops.

Do not let the bad reviews deter you from this place if you love bargain shopping. You have to have the the right mentality when shopping Everyday Deals: The stores are filthy, dusty and crowded, but that's part of the fun: If you can ignore the physical space and love to score a fantastic deal, this place is where you'll find it. Filthy store, expired products, rude staff You can find better prices elsewhere. Staff wasn't interested in helping when I was looking for things either.

It seems like they're more concerned with ignoring people than helping. Great neighborhood community food store. Staff were always friendly and good with recommendations of things to do near by. No its not a mega-sized walmart thank god but it has a good selection of all the basics and some really tasty made instore Mexican food. Both times I did not have a pleasant experience.

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  4. The entire place felt dirty and the employees were rude, unhelpful and also had a dirty feel about them. The store and products were not worth my time or money. I visited this store on April 29, looking for a few items to pick up on my way home.

    Everyday Deals - Stark St. Rewards

    This place is not very clean, floors are dirty, the shelves are dusty and a few stuff were outdated. They should go thru their shelves and throw out the expired items. I mentioned the expired item to a clerk and he orient seem to care.

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    Lucky for me I don't live near there. I advice people not to shop here We traveled through and stopped at this place to see all the values and because it had become famous. Great values and all the employees were great. I would never allow a customer like the one that is trying to destroy this place ever in the store again. This is a great place to shop. We will be back through this area again. They are hard to find. I hope they keep them in stock.

    We are from Phoenix but lived in the South for years. I agree with what all the other reviews said: However, the people who work here really don't have a sense of how to be professional. I understand they are probably underpaid and badly treated by their customers and their boss who always seems to be there and yelling at them.


    Everyday Deals opens its doors

    One time my cashier was so sick that she was almost falling over and the boss was right there, making her work. Is that really the person you want handling your food? Today I had a cart that would not turn easily so I parked it discreetly away from the line of traffic and went around the store getting things and putting them in my cart.

    As I was grabbing my oatmeal bars, I heard screaming in the store. I mean loud screaming.

    Everyday Deals On Clothes For Women, Men, Baby And Kids | Gap Factory

    I couldn't understand it but when I got back to my cart my food was there but my bags were gone. Someone took my bags! Oh yeah, did I mention that if you don't have a bag you are out of luck? I took my cart up to the cashier and a clerk came up to me and started yelling at me for leaving my food unattended. She said that she screamed for me to come get my cart but that I never came so she took my bags. She was mad that I had refrigerated items that would go bad. I had left my cart for only a few minutes and I told her it was really hard to push and it wouldn't go around corners very well.

    I felt like a child that she was scolding. Really lady, this is not a way to treat customers. I always feel like when I shop at cheap places I'm getting a discount for being mistreated. The store's voicemail box was also full when reached by a reporter. Not everyone in the Everyday Deals parking lot Thursday afternoon was upset about the rug.

    He said he just wanted to support the business.

    Everyday Deals - SE Division Deals

    Still, Salazar said the store's employees could have handled Franklin's complaint differently. Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved About Us. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Oregon Live LLC.

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