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Tax inspector who loved taffeta skirts and became an authority on the history of cross-dressing

Due to copyright issues I am unable to let you see all the article, but click on this link or the image for a taster. I suggest if you want to find out more, get down to your local newsagent or library and have a read. With homophobic hate crime a daily occurrence and on the rise, this film takes a degree look at the issue, hearing from the victims, their families, the police and the perpetrators of these crimes. What makes someone attack another person because of their sexuality? How do victims deal with these unsolicited and unprovoked assaults?

Trans* News

And what are we doing about this in Britain in ? The film will be airing on BBC2 this summer as part of a BBC season commemorating the 50th anniversary of partial decriminalisation. Our aim is to cover a range of experiences from people of varied backgrounds, ethnicities, genders, occupations, regions and religions.

Hopefully the programme will help encourage others to report hate crime when it happens. At the moment, we are in the early stages of production on the project and are looking to speak with those who have experienced homophobic abuse, both recent and historic. These initial conversations are in confidence. And so, if there are cases which you have come across it would be brilliant if you could forward this message onto the person s involved to see if they would be happy to talk to us further about their experience.

It would be so helpful if you are able to share this around your network. We are also on Facebook and Twitter: To give you a little bit more formation about Century Films http: Please feel free to share my details helen. Oasis is grateful to Serena, one of our regular ladies at Oasis, for sending us this article which you can view by clicking on this link.

We are now recruiting gender minority adults and cisgender adults aged 18 years or above to participate in an online survey looking at social adjustment and psychological well-being of gender minorities. We hope to learn more about similarities and differences between different groups and how things can be improved for gender minorities. This survey will take at least 20 minutes and all participants will be entered into a prize draw. Cisgenders refer to individuals whose gender identity matches the sex they were assigned at birth.

Your help would be highly appreciated!

Please let us know what you think. Link to the online survey:. Cambridge Gender Development Research Centre: A travel agency are offering a transgender cruise to the Mediterranean on the 18th — 25th June Petra, Vicky and Beccie made their way over with posters, leaflets and badges to promote the transgender cause to year old students. We were joined by other local organisations. It was a very interesting day and we managed to talk to both students and their teachers.

A year-old transgender soldier has become the first woman to serve on the front line with the British Army. Chloe Allen, from Cumbria, joined the Scots Guards as a man in but began hormone therapy in the last month, and has officially changed her name. Then Prime Minister David Cameron followed a recommendation in July from the head of the Army that women should be able to serve.

But Guardsman Allen, who had official documents changed by deed poll from her birth name of Ben to reflect her new name and status, has now been informed she will be able to stay in the infantry, as a woman. For more information click on this link or the image.

Caitlyn Jenner, formerly known as s Olympic athlete Bruce Jenner, announced she is transgender, appearing on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine.

In , the Gender Identity Research and Education Society estimated the number of trans people in the UK to be between , and , So, a bunch of people have gone swimming on a Friday night. Nothing remarkable about that.

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Click this link or the image to read the full length article in the Independant. Here we go again. Typical British fudge, with a dash of paternalism. This time, the calculation appears to be that because those disadvantaged are the transgender community — a minority within a minority — the government can press on regardless and weather the resulting fuss. How else to explain the extraordinary intransigence of the Department of Work and Pensions DWP in the case of MB, a trans woman who should have been eligible for a pension in but for her religious scruples.

She and her partner refused to divorce, then a precondition of obtaining a gender recognition certificate GRC as same-sex marriage had not been introduced. For the full report in the Guardian click on this link or the image. Click on the image or link for information about her Discovery Go channel.

Transgender people and their needs remain little understood, not only by health-care providers but also more generally in society. This Series is an effort to understand, and provide a framework to improve, the health and lives of transgender people globally. It's likely that most of your interaction with your bank will be via online banking - probably through devices like smartphones and tablets. Check out your bank's facilities for these, including its security requirements because you will have to pass them every time you log on. There will be a few priorities you will need to considerwhen comparing accounts, but taking your time to make the right choice now could save you time, money and hassle down the line.

Is safe?

Santander offers one of the most eye-catching freebies, a free railcard. This can save you hundreds over the years, cutting a third off ticket prices when travelling by train. The account also offers in in-credit interest and a decent overdraft. You will have to make sure to carry your railcard on all journeys but every time you buy a ticket it cuts a third off the price. Over the course of your studies this could save you hundreds of pounds.

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You can do this through your online banking. It is worth noting that you if you book online through a cashback website such as Quidco or Top Cashback you could also earn money back when buying your train tickets. The bank offers a decent overdraft. Remember though, you are not guaranteed to get these limits. However this might not be a persuading factor as you are more likely to spend your time in your overdraft as a student than in credit.

Be careful about spending beyond your limit. Set aside the time to do some research into the best account for you. If you are likely to need the money up front, HSBC will be the best option, offering access to the cash upfront. Barclays and Nationwide may be better options for those who would prefer help budgeting with overdrafts that gradually increase each term or year.

Again while a bonus, this shouldn't be a defining factor. The bank also gives its accountholder access to its Student Exclusives discounts which include offers from National Express, Apple, 3 Mobile and Lonely Planet. You can also sign up to receive text alerts when your account balance drops below a certain amount.

If you do not have enough funds in the account the bank may return any payments due to leave your account, but it will not charge for doing this, making it a much cheaper option than most. There is also no interest charged on unplanned borrowing. The Natwest account offers students an overdraft that gradually increases.

This could help stop you blowing your budget as soon as you get there and help you manage your money better. It also offers a free National Express Young Persons Coachcard which gives you a third off coach travel for four years. Natwest previously offered a student railcard to new accountholders, but the contract has been taken over by Santander.

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Instead it will now give students a free equivalent for coach travel for four years. The card will cut a third off coach travel in the UK plus 10 per cent off travel to festivals and events in the UK including Glastonbury, Reading and Leeds festival and England football matches at Wembley Stadium. Cardholders also get 10 per cent off coach fares to destinations in Europe with Eurolines.

This is worth much less than the Santander rail-travel discount card, particularly as rail travel can be much more expensive.

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But how useful the perk is will depend on how students prefer to travel. You will need to sign up to online banking and opt for paperless statements to qualify for the card. Barclays Bank offers a tiered overdraft limit, that increases during your time at university. Although this won't be right for everyone, it could help with budgeting.


The account does comes with some hefty charges for straying beyond an agreed limit. Although this doesn't seem too pricey, the costs can quickly mount up. Your subscription will end shortly. Please update your billing details here to continue enjoying your access to the most informative and considered journalism in the UK. Click here to see more Tap here to see more Tap here to see more. Accessibility Links Skip to content. Read the full article.

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